Join us in celebrating Thanksgiving


  • Expressing gratitude and being thankful are an important part of healing prayer. 
  • Gratitude to God for all that he does for us helps bring blessings and healing.


Attend a special service
on Thanksgiving Day!

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  by County

Before the turkey
and the treats...

Start your Thanksgiving holiday with a spiritual feast including songs of gratitude and praise, a brief Bible Lesson of Thanksgiving and an opportunity for all to share their gratitude to God for His great blessings.

Come to a special Thanksgiving Day church service at all Christian Science Churches on Thanksgiving Day. It's a joyous celebration open to the community.

Find a church by county or community in Southern California.

Read or listen to the Thanksgiving Bible Lesson as often as you'd like. It's free!

Thanksgiving Prayer

A prayer to bless your Thanksgiving table.


Dear Father, on this Thanksgiving Day,
We bow our heads and humbly pray.
And offer our gratitude for all you’ve done,
Especially for Jesus Christ, your son.
We pause to offer this prayer giving praise,
And promise to worship you now and always.