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Each week on Sentinel Watch, you'll find inspiring and strengthening spiritual ideas that can bring healing to your life, to your family and community, and to your thought about world issues. 



Only patterns of good 

April 21–27 2018
Guests: Sandy Brooks, Kathleen Moyer

We get used to patterns in our lives, but some patterns aren’t so positive. What if our bodies repeat episodes of suffering that we find are reappearing? This was the issue faced by the contributors who describe their journeys to freedom from unwanted patterns of allergy and accident.

Gain a victory over disappointment

April 28–May 4 2018
Guests: Mark Swinney, Nikki Paulk, Virginia Hughes

Following a job interview, one of our contributors went to a quiet place to pray. As she did, a Bible passage helped her uncover and overcome “a long-standing fear of disappointment.” This realization helped her get the job that could have slipped away. If fear of disappointment has been disappointing you, listen to this program.

Knowledge of God defeats depression

May 5 - May 11, 2018 - 
Guests: Courtenay Rule, Elaina Simpson

Dealing with depression is hard at any age, but even more unjust when it swallows up
the joy of youth. Our guests faced depression that started in their teens and both won
complete freedom when they discovered a God that loved them, cared for them, and
was able to bring permanent healing. 

God - a very present help on campus

May 12–18, 2018
Guests: Sara Lang, Roger Gordon, Robby Butler, Marjorie Kehe, William Whittenbury, Amy

Often people feel that God is being excluded from life on college campuses. Sentinel
Watch talked to people about how they turned to God on campus, in times of need, and
found God provided healing answers.

May 19–25, 2018—The power of God to unify humanity
Guests: Jim Brown, Mark McCurties, Herb Webb

There is a power to knowing our true relation to our creator - a power that unifies even
when prejudice would divide. Hear how our guests overcame anger and overt racism
through seeing themselves and others as God sees us all - as the spiritual image of

Discovering your essential place in God’s creation

May 26–June 1, 2018
Guests: Michael Pabst

Isn’t it wonderful to know that you matter to someone? In fact, you are essential
because God’s creation wouldn’t be complete without your unique expression of the
creator. Responding to questions sent in via our website, our guest explores just how
vital each individual is to God’s purpose and plan.

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About your Sentinel Watch host

Tony Lobl has been writing and broadcasting on Christian Science for three decades. Beside written and recorded pieces regularly appearing in Christian Science publications he has also had pieces published by national and global news outlets and has been interviewed by radio stations and podcast producers on three continents. Tony found Christian Science in his early twenties and became a Christian Science practitioner in 2004. He and his wife Jenny live in London.