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Our provision truly comes from God’s infinite love, and is therefore spiritual, consistent, and impeccably just.

Some years ago in Britain, anger at a proposed tax law had been growing, culminating in the kind of riot that makes for dramatic news footage. It included images of rioters and horse-mounted police clashing outside my wife’s workplace.

Gratefully, my wife got home safely that day. But fear loomed large that this violence was just the beginning. That made for a sleepless night. Not as in I couldn’t sleep, but as in I wouldn’t sleep until I’d found my peace about what was going on. And to me, that meant uncovering a calm I believe is innate within us all, irrespective of our circumstances – a spiritual poise that the Bible poetically describes as “the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding” (Philippians 4:7, New King James Version). It was a peace I had seen, time and again, could lead to resolution and solutions. Read more on

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