School shootings: What can we do?

A Christian Science Prespective
from The Christian Science Monitor

Today’s contributor takes a hard look at the value of persistence and prayer in the search for answers and progress when it comes to the safety of students.

As a group of teens and I talked about the most recent school shooting, at a high school in Florida, two of them were crying. Many in the group said they’d prayed when they saw the news alert on their phone, but still felt helpless, discouraged, and sad. “What are we supposed to do?” one wondered. I’ve had her voice echoing in my head ever since.

There’s been plenty of criticism of the “thoughts and prayers” approach to dealing with this incredibly pressing issue of school shootings. And I agree that just repeating those words, even if they come from a well-meaning place, or on the other hand, using those words as a way to excuse inaction, isn’t helping. I’ve seen, though, that dedicated prayer that reaches out to understand God better, and thought that is willing to be changed by that understanding, does have an impact and can lead to concrete change. Read more on

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