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Military families tell of protection, guidance and healing in challenging situations and in everyday life . . .

There have been many times when God directed and protected me as a test pilot.  Once I was preparing to taxi an aircraft for a first production test flight.  Just before calling for clearance to taxi it came to me very strongly to shut down the engines, . . . more

God Provides Comfort.  The portability of Christian Science and its application to every situation has helped sustain me through my life and military career. . . more

Safety on a Navy ship.  It sounded grim for the missing sailor.  Knowing there was nothing of a physical nature I could do, I retreated to my room, away from the chaos of the engine room and the bridge . . . more

Missing Classified Papers Found.  A couple of days before the actual inspection, the officer responsible for custody of these classified documents confided to me that he was unable to locate some of the documents, a serious breach in the chain of custody . . . more

Military prayer
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Military prayer