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Are you looking for healing of a physical, emotional, financial or relationship problem?  Find out how others have found comfort and healing through a deeper understanding of God.  You may view videos of public talks on Christian Science healing, as well as individual testimonials, video and written.

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The Christian Science Board of Lectureship has many inspiring speakers that give talks about healing and prayer around the world.  Numerous healings have occurred as a result of attending a lecture or viewing a video online.

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Lecture by Lois Carlson at the EP Foster Library in Ventura, CA.

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Christian Science & the power of healing prayer

Immobility and pain healed

There was a time when I wasn't getting healing and couldn't move. What does consciousness have to do with it? Spiritual healer tells of acute stiffness and pain healed through prayer.


Careers do not define us

I was dancing with a ballet company and my contract was not renewed.  Peace and healing were brought about through gratitude and realizing my true career! 


Cancer healed during pregnancy

The doctor told me I had a very aggressive form of cancer. Overcoming fear and expecting healing was key to the cure for cancer. God is love and fills all space!


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Healing resources
and support . . .

Healing Textbook. People of all faiths have been healed by reading the healing textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy.  More>  

Healers on Call.  You may call on Christian Science Practitioners for help. They devote their full time to helping others through prayer.  More>

Testimonial Meetings.  You are invited to attend Wednesday evening meetings, which include testimonials of healing given by the congregation.  More>