Skin cancer healed

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Quote for healing cancerWhen I was living in England, I visited my dentist for a check-up and had to fill in a detailed form.  In it I said that I was a Christian Scientist. 

The dentist then asked me about the spot on my nose, wondering how long it had been there.  I said about two years.  He then tried to exact a promise from me to visit the hospital.  I agreed, but knew I would not do so.

Subsequently, I moved to the United States.  As part of the process of applying for resident alien status I was required to have a medical examination by a doctor.  On seeing the condition of my nose, she forcefully pronounced that this was skin cancer. 

Following this incident, I received strong, prayerful support over a period of several months from two Christian Science practitioners.  A remark by one of them was, "God got there first!"  This really resonated with me.  Indeed, I knew that God had always been there, and nothing could disrupt the harmony of His creation. 

I am so grateful for the complete healing of skin cancer that soon took place. I was able to share this joyful news at the Thanksgiving service held at our Christian Science church later that year.
Camarillo, CA


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