Share a healing

We'd love to have you share a Christian Science healing with others on our website.  You may submit a video or a written testimony.  If you hear someone give a wonderful testimony at church on Wednesday night, ask them to share, too.

It's a simple process . . .

To submit a written testimony:

  1)    You may submit written testimonies via Contact Us.  Please be sure to include

           key healing thoughts.

  2)    Download the Verification Form, and follow the instructions on the form.


To submit a video testimony:

  1)    Use a cell phone or video camera to record a testimony. Be sure to Include
           key healing thoughts and keep your remarks to about 2 minutes.

  2)    Click here to send your sample video testimony to us.  YouSendIt            
  3)    Download the Photo/Video Release Form and Verification Form, and follow
           the instructions on the forms.


Thank you for sharing!!