Twenty-eighth Church of Christ, Scientist
Los Angeles, CA  (Westwood Village)



A bookstore & more

1125 Glendon Ave
Los Angeles, CA  90024
(Westwood Village)

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Reading Room Hours:
M,Tu,Th 10-9
W, F 10-7
Sat 11-5
Sun 12:30-4:30
Holidays 11-2

You are welcome to enter our garden-like patio to watch a video of the Christian Science Weekly Bible Lesson or sit at our cafe table to read the Pulitzer Prize winning newspaper, The Christian Science Monitor

An in-depth multi-media Bible Timeline comprised of colorful photos, maps, and Bible narratives invites everyone interested in exploring stories of healings throughout the Bible to use an ipod or read written materials.

You are also welcome to come visit our sales room where you may purchase all products promoted by the Christian Science Publishing Society.  These products include all the writings of Mary Baker Eddy, periodicals that contain spiritual solutions to today's current issues and testimonies of healings by people around the world who have prayed to God as taught in Christian Science. Bibles, referencebooks, and a collection of musical CD's and Sentinel Radio Program.

A computer room provides two computers for study and research offering a Concordance program as well as access to where you may explore a wide variety of sites about Christian Science. 

Bring your children and enjoy a special room where children's books, videos, cassettes and puzzles are offered to enrich the young student's love for God.

A large study room provides a peaceful, bright atmosphere with fireplace where one may contemplate, pray and pursue extensive spiritual research.  The multipurpose room is also a lively place where events such as Christian Science lectures, book groups, family holiday gatherings and inspired fellowship is open to the community. 

A friendly attendant is available to answer questions and sell you products to help you on your spiritual journey.  Please come visit - we are open every day of the year.

Librarian: Lorna Russell


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