Immigration and new neighbors - A Christian Science Perspective from The Christian Science Monitor.

I was raised in a town where there are many immigrants. Growing up, we children played together and shared meals. It came as a surprise when, as a young teenager, I started recognizing that prejudice was felt toward immigrants in my town. 

Immigration is a complex issue. And it is also an issue that goes to the heart of a community. It goes to the heart of each one of us, in fact, because it comes down to how we treat our neighbors. Do we feel differently about new people with different traditions and mores than we do about our other neighbors? It takes a broad, open-minded affection to love people who bring new faces and new challenges. Yet the Master, Christ Jesus, seems to say that we are all capable of loving our neighbor.  Read more.

Immigration and a way to see one another - A Christian Science Perspective from The Christian Science Monitor.

I was in the grocery store, earnestly examining the zucchini, when the voice of someone whose native language wasn’t English interrupted my thoughts. “Can you tell me how to cook these?” she asked, holding an artichoke.

I was anxious about getting to an appointment, but my heart said firmly, “Be hospitable.”   Read more.

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