Are "mental vacations" the key to stress-free work?  by Don Ingwerson, Pacific Health Perspectives

It’s summertime and the living is not always so easy.

Consequently, many people are looking forward to, or heading out on, a summer vacation.

The desire for such a break is to be expected since jobs are the leading cause of stress – according to Dr. Paul J. Rosch, Chairman of the Board of the American Institute of Stress. He told the Atlantic that, “work-related anxiety has multiplied in recent years.”

But could taking a break be just a temporary answer to workplace anxiety? It seems so according to a recent study. It’s true that most research indicates vacations are vital to good health and to work productivity – especially if vacationers don’t take office work along with them. But this particular study showed that while positive, healthy emotions were higher for those planning a vacation than for those not taking one, there was no difference between the two groups during the post-vacation period. This suggests that the pressures of the post catch-up activity soon took away the brief lift received from the actual vacation.  Read more

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