What really links to living long and healthy? by Don Ingwerson, Pacific Health Perspectives


The pursuit of health and longevity is ongoing, with many searching for links between health and elements of lifestyle including greater income, higher education, and better health care access. But is there a direct link between these aspects of lifestyle and health? Not necessarily. Surprisingly, Latinos throughout the country don’t show corresponding links between health and income, education level, and access to health care (as reported in The Huffington Post). The data also indicates that if the individuals emigrate from another country to America they have a longer life expectancy than those born here.

This seems to be a paradox that hasn’t yet been resolved, but interestingly, a reader posted a comment at the end of the article, explaining what he thought was the cause: “Latinos believe in handing their problems over to God, they give and receive lots of Beissos (kisses) daily, and they deeply cherish babies and old folks…which altogether make life’s trials and tribulations more manageable….”  Read more

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