Defusing violence and aggression - A Christian Science perspective from The Christian Science Monitor

On praying during antagonistic and aggressive situations.

I was attending a language course when my classmates suddenly began to turn on the instructor. They were frustrated by their lack of progress and proceeded to lash out with rather vicious condemnations of the curriculum and the teaching method. But it did not stop there; the verbal abuse escalated and was directed toward the instructor herself. It was difficult to imagine that something as benign as a language course could evoke such a visceral and ugly attack. It seemed to come out of nowhere. I had never seen anything like it before, or since. To me, it was obvious that the verbal attacks were based on fear and frustration and even, perhaps, prejudice. The instructor was not only dumbfounded but visibly shaken by the relentless outburst. Several times people tried to engage me in the altercation in support of their behavior, but I remained silent. My silence was not acquiescence to the verbal attacks, however; I was actually very engaged right then in prayer. Read more

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