Reading Room Volunteers Needed

The Jointly Maintained Reading Room in Downtown Los Angeles needs volunteer librarians for Fridays and/or Mondays. It’s an exciting place filled with travelers and visitors from all over the world. The Reading Room is visited by people who work downtown as well as those traveling and staying at the Bonaventure Hotel. One woman, a new student of Christian Science, saw the hotel directory and was ecstatic that a Reading Room was in the building. She left with a couple of pamphlets. One man arrived very early Monday morning and announced, “I want to read the Lesson.” Thankfully, a Reading Room volunteer had marked the Lesson the Friday before.

Visitors stop by on their way to the YMCA which is just next door. We are surrounded by large banks and firms. Because the entrance/exit to the building and our Reading Room is a step away, people stop by constantly to look in and browse. Free literature is available and many leave with handfuls of Monitors, Sentinels and Bible Lessons  We have 2 frequently visited eating establishments on our floor and other floors provide food courts.

The “Receptive hearts” (S&H, p. 570) ask, “What is Christian Science?” Thus, we need volunteers who are fairly experienced in explaining Christian Science to the stranger. Some Reading Room work experience is valuable but not necessary – we can train anyone who is willing to serve in this uniquely rewarding capacity. If you would like to participate in helping others find out more about Christian Science, please contact us at 213-928-0920. You must have approval from your branch church to be a representative to the Jointly  Maintained Christian Science Reading  Room and be a member of The Mother Church. Your church can simply include this information in an e-mail and send it to