How Can Alzheimer’s Disease Be Defeated? by Don Ingwerson, Pacific Health Perspectives

Despite the billions spent on medical research, some health conditions and diseases still appear insurmountable. Take Alzheimer’s disease. When I first heard about this terrible, seemingly untreatable condition, I saw how David must have felt when he first saw the towering figure of Goliath. To everyone else with him at the time, the gauntlet Goliath was throwing down seemed insurmountable. But not to David, according to the Bible. He changed his thinking about Goliath to a deeper, divine confidence in the ability of good to prevail over evil, and in so doing was able to defeat him. In regards to the evil of Alzheimer’s, so far, no drug has been developed to slow or heal it. But new research suggests that both physical and psychological stress, when left untreated, may cause this disease. The ability to handle stress may also decrease as a person ages. So it is encouraging that meditation is being explored as a way to mitigate the effects of Alzheimer’s. Even though meditation has been practiced for over 5,000 years, scientific research on its healing effects is just beginning. Read more

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