Receptivity to Prayer (and Possibly Spinach) Health Giving by Don Ingwerson, Pacific Health Perspectives

The sight of spinach on my dinner plate can – for me – ruin an otherwise good meal. Although I’ve always been told that eating spinach promotes health, this does little to change my feelings about it’s value. I’m not sure exactly what would make me reconsider my view of this green, leafy vegetable, but research supporting preventative activities that may lower health care costs and eliminate unnecessary hospital and doctor office visits is compelling. Similar to my hesitancy about eating certain vegetables, some view other aspects of health with a dose of skepticism, including a mental approach to physical health. Although, many individuals believe and understand that spirituality has an effect on health, they discount church attendance or religious activities. Yet positive health effects from spiritual as well as religious involvement have also been found. These effects on health include a reduction of health-risk behaviors in church attendees as well as finding that prayer positively impacts health and physiology. Read more

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