To lessen violence - A Christian Science perspective from The Christian Science Monitor 

We all have a role to play in bringing peace to the world. 

Years ago as a graduate student I did a study of the relative effectiveness of violent and nonviolent means in the efforts of two Asian colonies to gain independence from their European rulers after World War II. One colony never resorted to violence, and independence was obtained after two years of negotiations. In the other colony, there were repeated outbreaks of violence from both sides over a four-year period, with no victory for either side. Eventually the colony achieved independence, but it wasn’t through violence; independence was gained through the political support from other countries and United Nations-sponsored negotiations – a nonviolent, peaceful approach. As I thought about this study recently, it spoke to me of how a peaceful approach to disagreements and our efforts to side with what is right has the support of the law of God – the law of good – which impels and accelerates progress. Read more

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