#MeToo and the potential for healing - A Christian Science perspective from The Christian Science Monitor 

Acknowledging everyone’s true nature as inherently whole can bring freedom and healing, even in the wake of sexual assault or harassment.

Most of those active on social media recently will have seen posts in their feed including the hashtag #MeToo. The #MeToo campaign was started in 2007 by Tarana Burke, in order to help sexual assault survivors. It has trended since Oct. 15, when actress Alyssa Milano invited women to highlight the magnitude of the problem of sexual harassment and assault by using the hashtag and sharing their stories.

On Monday, as I saw an ever growing stream of #MeToo posts from both female and male friends, I wondered what to do. First and foremost, I love my friends and wanted to show them compassion and support instead of turning a blind eye. ​While I respect that some may choose not to speak up, eventually I also felt it was important for me to say “me too,” to briefly list the unsolicited and inappropriate advances I have experienced, and to offer some inspirational ideas. Read more on csmonitor.com.

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