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We welcome your letters, emails, calls and visits.  If you are looking for healing and a closer relationship to God, you will find friends and supporters at the Christian Science Church in your community.  Find a Church

Need Help. You may call on Christian Science Practitioners for help. They devote their full time to helping others through prayer.  Practitioners

Photos for Website. If you would like to send photos for use on the website, you may send them to our Dropbox.

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We'd love to hear from you!

Here are some comments from website visitors.  Add your comment by submitting the form for questions or comments above.

  • "We love all that Prayer that Heals has to offer - thank you for providing it!" — Kelly
  • "THIS is the Greatest Website, next to JSH-online, of course, in the world!! Well, it is one of MY very favorites, anyway. I just feel compelled to let you folks know that I am so deeply grateful for it, and especially for the availability lately of all these especially healing videos and webinars. I just can't pick my favorite. So so so SO much healing and helpfulness and love and encouragement from them. Clearly, you all are responding to divine Love's promptings to give to mankind so selflessly. Thank you from my heart! Much love to you all." — Lona
  • "I truly appreciate what you do for people like me who just love Christian Science. Keep up the good work. God is leading you and giving you the intelligence to prepare an excellent website. Hugs!" — Ruth
  • "Hi there, While using the Prayer that Heals site to update my calendar, I thought of how attractive, helpful and well-done it is. The way that the site links to the various resources, events and branches is simple, direct and easy. The local accounts of healing are like rejoicing with neighbors. Thank you for making SoCal Science at hand. PS: Letting you know was easy, too." — HIllary

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