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Community contributions to gratitude trees are eye-catching in this La Mesa Reading Room window.
Community contributions to gratitude trees are eye-catching in this La Mesa Reading Room window.

Bookstore & Library

You will find Christian Science Reading Rooms a quiet place to read and pray or to study the Bible, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures and the other writings of Mary Baker Eddy. 

Each Reading Room is a bookstore where you can buy products from the Christian Science Publishing Society, such as: The Christian Science Monitor, Christian Science Journal, Christian Science Sentinel, Herald of Christian Science, various books, pamphlets, CDs and more.  Archived articles are available in bound volumes or online.

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Featured products



Based on the Bible, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures is the foundational textbook of Christian Science. It explores our relationship with God and the power of prayer in meeting all human needs. Author Mary Baker Eddy shows how the Bible helps us understand and apply the spiritual laws of God in a reliable system of healing. 

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The Bible has brought comfort and guidance to millions of people for generations. Mary Baker Eddy referred to the Bible as her only textbook and referenced it many times throughout her writings. At its core, the Bible inspires an understanding of God’s unfailing goodness and humanity’s innate spirituality. The Bible and the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy constitute the Pastor of the Church of Christ, Scientist. This is the authorized Bible used for scriptural quotations in the Spanish translation of Science and Health.  

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This Bible translation continues in the tradition of the King James Bible. As described in the Preface, it accounts for the “development of biblical studies and the discovery of many biblical manuscripts,” and is “essentially a literal translation” that introduces changes “as are warranted on the basis of accuracy, clarity, euphony, and current English usage.”  The Bible includes a concordance for finding key verses and a ribbon bookmark. 

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You may purchase these products at a Reading Room near you, or online.

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All Christian Science Churches have a Reading Room. Each Reading Room is unique. Some are located in churches, and others are in commercial areas. Take a quick tour of a Reading Room in Solvang, CA.

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Explore the Reading Rooms in your area by clicking on the links below. Reading Rooms are listed by county.

Call to check on hours of operation. Many Reading Rooms are offering curbside pickup if you would like to call and order books, the weekly Bible Lesson or other periodicals.


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