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Facebook Advertising for SoCal Church Lectures


Why are we doing Facebook advertising for churches?

Facebook is a great way to reach people new to Christian Science, and also dedicated church members and attendees. Prayer that Heals Facebook has nearly 5,800 fans, and a majority of new users are non-Christian Scientists. In the fourth quarter of 2020 alone, we reached over 100,500 people, and hosted 19 online lectures (including one in Spanish) with 1,624 event responses.


What is the purpose of the ad?

Although Facebook ad campaigns are promoting lectures and encouraging RSVPs, the main purpose is for the Joint Media Committee to help So Cal churches raise awareness of Christian Science and of lectures in their areas.


What information do I need to provide?

Normally, just your lecture flyer and amount of your budget. We use flyer information in conjunction with the ChristianScience.com lecturer page to create the event description and ad. Typically, an event description and ad copy is already written based on repeat lectures.


Where and when do I send my lecture flyer?

Please send a pdf at least one month ahead to contact@prayerthatheals.org for the Website event page, with a copy to tinareedjohnson@gmail. If a jpg or png file is available please email that as well for posting on the Facebook event page. It is important that we receive information as soon as possible so we can get your Facebook ad ready in time.


How do I review the event page?

An email is sent to you with the event page link and ad copy for your review.  A Facebook account is not needed to view the page.


Can we use design elements in the flyer to design the Facebook ad?

This is not always possible. Facebook images and ads must meet certain requirements. Please see the answer below for more information. Note that the flyer will be posted to the event page. 


Can I change the ad?

Basic ads use a header image on the event page. This image typically is used for lectures with the same title. It may change during the lecture season at any time.

Only a limited number of text characters are allowed in each ad. 

If you would like to change the ad copy, please be aware that there is a quick turn around time on any changes. There is no charge for one-time changes or corrections.

Note that ad copy is tested and changes occasionally to improve ad performance. We need flexibility with the copy and images in order to get the best results.

To make a change to the ad or event page, please reply all to the email your church received about Facebook advertising with details about the change requested.


Who is the ad targeting?

Facebook users 21+ in the area surrounding the church or lecture location, that like pages similar to the main Prayer that Heals Facebook page. Most of these users are new to Christian Science. They are all invited to become fans of the main page to receive notifications of future events. Users that have responded to Prayer that Heals Facebook in the past may also be targeted, if the budget is increased to achieve more reach. This targeting, including geographic areas may be changed at any time based on factors such as past performance, budget and whether it is a location-based lecture. 


How many users will the ad reach?

Reach depends upon the ad budget. For a minimum budget of $200, an estimate of 1,500 users and up may be reached.


What does an increased budget cover?    

When a church contributes $200 (the minimal amount for an ad), Facebook is paid $100 for the ad cost, and $100 pays our consultant for creating a Facebook event page, creating and managing the ad(s), monitoring the event page and ad, responding to comments, and tracking and reporting results. Lecture replays are also posted on Prayer that Heals social media, and invitations are sent to any users that have responded to the ads or posts to like the main Facebook page.

When the budget is increased to $400, we can potentially reach twice as many users and receive twice as many responses/RSVPs because we are doubling the amount paid to Facebook for ads.

When we have an increased budget, we have more options to include retargeting Facebook users that have previously engaged with the page or ads, and extending the geographic area. For example, users can be targeted by county or even Southern California or the United States for online lectures, instead of just the city and surrounding area of each church or lecture location.


Do we need to increase the budget if we are having a joint lecture?

We request that each sponsoring church contribute $200 to their joint lecture.  Funds contributed by each church allow us to reach more Facebook users, and helps cover both churches.


How can I monitor progress of my ad?

View your event page periodically to view responses. The Facebook event page link is included in an email to you prior to the ad running. An ad image is also attached to this email. if you are not being targeted by the ad you will not see it while it is running.

The administrator of our Facebook page receives notifications when users respond to the ad. Ads are monitored carefully in order to respond to comments on the ads and event pages. This service is included in the cost of advertising.


What results should I expect from the ad?

A budget of under $500 allows for a basic Facebook ad campaign. Results (number of users reached and RSVP numbers) vary based on multiple factors, including Facebook algorithms (which helps determine cost per user reached). The way to reach more people is to increase the budget. The number of people reached corresponds directly with the number of responses.

Users that have engaged with an ad are invited to follow the main Prayer that Heals Facebook page. Users that like our page may receive future notices of Facebook events and daily posts, so the efforts to advertise individual lectures are beyond what you see and the results are magnified.

Facebook users that respond are not assured to attend any event. Many users are simply expressing their interest, thereby accomplishing our awareness goal.


What if we already have a Facebook church page?

There are two types of Facebook pages involved in Facebook advertising: a main page for your church/reading room, and an event page specific to each lecture. If you have your own church Facebook page, we should be able to link it to our event page as a co-host. This will increase event exposure to your page followers, and allow you to post to the event page. Please let us know the link to your Facebook page by replying all to our emails, and coordinate any posting with our social media consultant before the ad process starts.


What if we already have an event page?

At this point, our policy is to create an event page and advertise it under Prayer that Heals. If you already have an event page please let us know so that we can co-host your event.

If you are planning to run Facebook ads for your page, please let us know so our plan can be adjusted accordingly. 

In order to create your own event page, you need to own a Facebook page. Churches and societies are encouraged to have their own page in order to post information specific to their church. If you need help, you may contact our social media consultant for page management services. (Email: tinareedjohnson@gmail.com)


What else can I do?

  • Church members or attendees with Facebook accounts should be encouraged to participate on the Facebook page for their event. The lectures that are more successful on Facebook have members sharing, commenting, liking and inviting others. This engagement helps encourage non-Christian Scientists and friends to respond.

  • By liking the main Prayer that Heals Facebook page, members will be able to receive notifications of new events in So Cal.

  • Again, this is a basic ad campaign that is being provided by Joint Media and our social media consultant as a service to our local churches. Any church can contribute funds to the ad program if they wish to increase the reach of their ad to additional Facebook users. A treasurer remittance form is attached to the initial advertising email. Print form.

  • Sign up to receive Joint Media email newsletters in order to receive more communication about advertising efforts.

  • Be sure to add our social media consultant, Tina Johnson, to your email contact list  tinareedjohnson@gmail.com

  • One ad will not necessarily encourage users to attend a lecture or event. Similar to a print ad, it takes several attempts to reach people for them to take action. Facebook advertising should be done in conjunction with branch church advertising. Churches and societies will ideally consider other forms of advertising including but not limited to: radio ads, newspaper ads, church listings in directories (print and online), local mailings, online calendar listings, their own social media presence, press releases, etc. in order to reach more people in their area.


Where do I send my ad contribution, and what if we do not have an advertising budget?

The basic ad cost is $200, and a check can be sent directly to the Joint Media Committee of Southern California. P O Box 846, Los Angeles, CA 90078-0846. Please include a treasurer Remittance Form and keep a copy for your records. Print form. If your church or society does not have funds for advertising, Joint Media will kindly fund your ad.


Will I be receiving an invoice?

You will not be receiving an invoice through Tina Johnson. Please submit a treasurer Remittance Form with your payment to the Joint Media Committee, and keep a copy for your records. Print form.


Please direct further questions to tinareedjohnson@gmail.com | Website: tinareedjohnson.com