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How to claim your church & reading room in Google


Sample shared by the Christian Science Publishing Society (CSPS)



Go to google.com

Search for Christian Science Church and the name of your city

  • If you’re on a computer, you should see your church listed at the top of Google Search with details about your Website/ Web pages. On the right there should be a section with your church name, address, Website URL and phone number.
  • If you’re on a smart phone, the section with your church name, address, Website URL and phone will appear at the top of your screen, followed by info about your Website/Web pages.

If you have not already claimed your church and Reading Room, you will see a link that says “Own this business?” Click on the link and follow the instructions. To verify your business you will be asked to request a postcard, phone call, text or email and respond once received.  It's best to verify by email.  If you have question, go to Google Help: https://www.google.com/business/how-it-works or call 1-844-491-9665

Here are some tips:

  • When claiming your church/Reading Room use a permanent church email address, not a personal email so your church will always be able to update information. Ensure email log-in information is documented in a central location and that multiple church members have access.
  • If you are having trouble claiming your account, click here to contact Google directly. https://support.google.com/business/answer/2911778  There is a contact us link near the bottom of this page. Click on the link and complete a form. Google may need to get authorization from you or your church to verify your listing so you can claim your church account and make changes/updates. You may need to provide proof of your church location by phone or mail. 

  • Review, log in and update your information through Google My Business. https://business.google.com
  • Be sure to include your Website URL. If you have Web pages on our SoCal Website, list your Website URL as PrayerThatHeals.org/CityName (whatever extension your church has been assigned). If you need help with how your church is listed on the PrayerThatHeals.org Website, email us or use the Contact Us form on the website.
  • For your church, you may “Add multiple labels/categories,” i.e. Christian church
  • For your reading room, you may “Add multiple labels/categories,” i.e. Christian bookstore
  • Uploading fresh photos regularly is crucial to entice users to click on your listing. If your church and Reading Room are in the same location, upload a number of interior and exterior photos of your church and Reading Room (with and without people). If your Reading Room is at a different address, upload church photos to the church listing and Reading Room photos to the Reading Room listing.

Why is this important?
Google is how people find you!

Sample statistics for prayerthatheals.org



Google listings need "reviews"!

Ask members and attendees with gmail accounts to go to your Google listing(s) and submit a 5-star review with a short recommendation. Many people rely on reviews!!

Anyone can upload photos

Invite people to upload photos (at a church service, at the door, in your Reading Room, reading lesson (anywhere), singing hymns, inside Sunday School (need parent permission), at lectures, etc.

Next steps

  • Post text and images regularly on Google My Business.  This is not social media so there are no comments or shares. Encourage members and attendees to post reviews and photos often.
  • Check insights and analytics on Google My Business Home page, especially Activity (direction requests, Website visits, calls).
  • Be sure to check your email for regular Google updates and statistics.
  • You can increase activity by creating Google ads for your listings.


Need help? Contact our Online Marketing Consultant, Tina Reed Johnson, tinareedjohnson@gmail.com, or read some of her blog posts: