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Young adult activities

Young adults are invited to connect via Facebook and to explore online resources. There are also Christian Science Organizations at colleges and universities in SoCal.  

What's Happening

Go to "Young Adult" on ChristianScience.com


Church college groups

Looking for a church college group?  Check out Christian Science Organizations (CSO) at colleges and universities in So Cal.  CSO

It's a great way to meet college students, faculty and alums who share your interest in spirituality and healing.   


► Find or start a Christian Science Organization on campus. 

► Join with others interested in learning more about Christian Science and spiritual growth.


A two-week course on healing

Class Instruction is a 2-week course of study that teaches the student how to heal themselves and others. You study the questions and answers in the chapter Recapitulation in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy.


More resources


      Colleges & College Residences

      Asher Student Foundation 

      Principia College



      Albert Baker Fund

      Principle Foundation


        Youth. Adult & Family Camps

        Adventure Unlimited

        Camp Bow-Isle

        Cedars Camp

        Crystal Lakes




        Young Adult Activities

        Adventure Unlimited

        Discovery Bound


        Colleges, College Residences, Scholarships, Camps and Young Adult Activities listed under More Resources are operated independent of the church.