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Audio programs on healing

The Christian Science Sentinel Watch 

Guests speak about healing prayer

You will hear Christian Science healing practitioners, teachers and others giving practical examples of prayer used in their daily lives and prayer for the world.


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Inspiring weekly audio podcasts 

Listen as Sentinel Watch guests share specifics on how they prayed and found healing and spiritual growth. 

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This week's podcast

When the cupboard was bare at Thanksgiving
November 21 - 27

- with Kate Robertson

TWO topics are available this week: Topic 1 -- Thanksgiving looked particularly grim for 18-year-old Kate. But God can bring delight even in the starkest circumstances. Join us to hear two heartwarming true-life stories that prove the healing benefits of real appreciation. Topic 2 -- We've been counting our blessings here at Sentinel Watch, and they are many. We're grateful each week for our guests, who so willingly share what they're learning about God, and we're also thankful for all of you, our listeners—and we feel blessed when you share your own insights and responses to the podcast. Please join us as we celebrate together.




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How can I think about self-harm?
11/19 - 25

- with Jil Jertz, Bobby Lewis


Links to recent podcasts in
Sentinel Watch Archive

A spiritual approach to mental health

A 5-part podcast series

With ongoing concerns about mental health, people in all walks of life are looking for solutions. Sentinel Watch is sharing with you a 5-part podcast series that tackles some of the toughest challenges many people are facing today.  We would love to have you share this series with anyone in your family or community you think might benefit. See links to the first three podcasts below, and watch for more.

Podcast #1 - How can I think about . . . depression?

Podcast #2 - How can I think about . . . self-harm?

Podcast #3 - How can I think about . . . social media?

Podcast #4 - How can I think about . . . feeling fatalistic?

Podcast #5 - How can I think about ... suicidal tendencies?

Helping the hungry
September 26 - October 2

- with Margaret Rogers

Few people have the financial means to permanently eradicate hunger from even one person's life, let alone overcome food instability. But what if you could? This week's guest, Margaret Rogers, wanted to help a young family in dire circumstances, but when giving them food or money wasn't an option, she found another solution. Please join us to hear what happened.


Getting to know—and experience—the law of good
September 12 - 18

- with Amy Dehnert

The Bible has example after example of people relying on—and experiencing the benefits of—the divine law of good. Can we experience the same today? Our guest this week, Amy Dehnert, shares what she's been learning about the good that is always available to all of us.

Biblical solutions to climate change--really?
September 5 - 11

- with Madelon Maupin

Did you know that portions of the Bible can actually be considered a guidebook on how to deal with climate change? That's what guest speaker, Madelon Maupin, has discovered in her study of the Good Book. Please join us to hear how we can each prayerfully support--and even help to bring about--viable solutions.

Ideas that ripple out to transform a community
August 29 - September 4

- with Myriam Betouche

Our guest this week longed to live in a more dynamic neighborhood. In what might sound like a surprising turn of events, she found that attending church changed everything for her -- and her community.

Prayer can stop gun violence
August 22 - 28

- with Colleen Douglass

The widely used phrase in response to troubling events, “thoughts and prayers,” has been criticized by many because it’s perceived as a substitute for action. But our guest, Colleen Douglass, shares two experiences where scientific prayer led to the best kind of action there is: healing—and both involved violence.


Be kind to yourself
August 15 - 21

- with Robin Hoagland

You may have come across something like this in a social media post: You will never speak to anyone more than you speak to yourself. Be kind. Good counsel, but how do we get—and stay—there? This week's guest, Robin Hoagland, shares what she's learned from the Bible and Christian Science about getting out from under the self-condemnation trap for good.

If I know, you know
August 8-14

- with Beth Packer

When a baby goat went missing, this week's guest learned a profound spiritual lesson about our oneness with God. She shares how a deepening understanding of this central Christian Science concept has helped bring healing to other areas of her life—and how it can in yours, too.

Dealing with a world of uncertainty
August 1 - 7

- with David Hohle

Is there anything we can be certain of in these uncertain times? Dave Hohle believes there is. He's learned that God's love for all His creation is a constant and that love -- and more -- can bring stability to our lives. Join us to hear Dave's healing examples and the ideas behind them.


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