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Audio programs on healing

The Christian Science Sentinel Watch 

Guests speak about healing prayer

You will hear Christian Science healing practitioners, teachers and others giving practical examples of prayer used in their daily lives and prayer for the world.

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Recent healing podcasts 

Listen as Sentinel Watch guests share specifics on how they prayed and found healing and spiritual growth.


This Week

You are one with God
January 17 - 23

Guest:  John Tyler

If you long to feel closer to God, join us as we discuss with our Sentinel Watch guest, John Tyler, how everyone has an intimate relation to God and how to discover it. Getting a sense of your oneness with God really can change your life in the very best of ways.


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Moving forward after infidelity
January 15 - 21

Guest:  Gay Bryant Flatt

If you were faced with infidelity, what would you do? Our Sentinel Watch guest shares how she dealt with this difficult situation and the spiritual lessons she learned along the way.


Sentinel Watch Archive


The stillness that makes all the difference
January 3 - 9

Guest:  John Biggs

If you think it’s almost impossible to find quiet moments in this go, go, go world, you’ll want to hear what our Sentinel Watch guest has learned about spiritual stillness. And how carving out quiet moments with God - no matter how busy your life is - leads to spiritual healing.


Finding the Christ in Christmas
December 20 - 26

Guest: Judy Wolff

If your holidays don't look to be picture perfect this year, don't worry. They can still be perfect. Our Sentinel Watch guest shares experiences she had during two Christmases that prove it.

A different kind of Christmas gift
December 13 - 19

Guest: Linda Ross

When the Christmas season rolled around, our Sentinel Watch guest thought that her best present that year was going to be a much-anticipated outing with her adult children. But when the need for deep healing arose in another area of her life, prayer brought her a gift that lasted far beyond that one Christmas.


The kind of dominion that leads to healing
December 6 - 12

Guest: Russel Fogg

The Bible says that God gave us dominion. But what does this mean and how can it help with things like overcoming sickness? Our Sentinel Watch guest shares what he's learned as he's studied and practiced Christian Science.


Listen to God
November 29 - December 5

Guest: Bobby Lewis

In a war zone or struggling after returning from one, in the mountains or on the streets of a city, we can always listen for ideas and insights from God that keep us safe and enable us to live our lives more lovingly. Our Sentinel Watch guest shares lessons he has learned from hearing and heeding God's guidance.


Moving forward after infidelity
November 15 - 21

Guest: Gay Bryant Flatt

If you were faced with infidelity, what would you do? Our Sentinel Watch guest shares how she dealt with this difficult situation and the spiritual lessons she learned along the way.


For 20-somethings: Who are you really?
November 1 - 7

Guest: Julia Schuck

We've all got it: That innate desire to understand ourselves and to define - or figure out - what makes us who we are. In this week's Sentinel Watch program, our guest talks about her own search for identity and what she discovered about herself that finally brought her peace.



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Tony found Christian Science in his early twenties and became a Christian Science practitioner in 2004. He and his wife Jenny live in London.