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Healing podcasts

The Christian Science Sentinel Watch 

Guests speak about healing prayer

You will hear Christian Science healing practitioners, teachers and others giving practical examples of prayer used in their daily lives and prayer for the world.

How does God see you?
May 29 - June 6

- with Tom McElroy

How does God see you? Guest: Tom McElroy What steps can you take to change things when you feel like you know yourself better than anyone—and you don’t like what you know? This week’s guest thinks it starts with humility. Not a self-abased humility that puts down who we are, but a willingness to let go of your strong opinions to be open to learning how God sees you.


When the giving is the getting
June 5 - 11

- with Tony Lobl

Being a giving person can be very satisfying. But is it what we get from others in return for our giving that is rewarding, or is giving a reward in itself? This week’s guest shares how we reap the spiritual reward of being a cheerful giver.




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A spiritual approach to mental health

Listen to a 5-part podcast series


Podcast #1 - How can I think about . . . depression?

Podcast #2 - How can I think about . . . self-harm?

Podcast #3 - How can I think about . . . social media?

Podcast #4 - How can I think about . . . feeling fatalistic?

Podcast #5 - How can I think about ... suicidal tendencies?



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