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Audio programs on healing

The Christian Science Sentinel Watch 

Guests speak about healing prayer

You will hear Christian Science healing practitioners, teachers and others giving practical examples of prayer used in their daily lives and prayer for the world.


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Inspiring weekly audio podcasts 

Listen as Sentinel Watch guests share specifics on how they prayed and found healing and spiritual growth. 

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Breaking out of a standstill
June 27 - July 3

- with Alexandre Fischer

If you're a prayerful person or even new to the idea of spiritual healing, you may feel at times as if your prayers are going nowhere. So do you double down or is a shift in the approach to your prayers a more effective alternative? This week's Sentinel Watch guest, Alexandre Fischer, discusses this topic with host David Brown.



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Agreeing with God
June 18 - 24

- with Mark Swinney


Links to recent podcasts in
Sentinel Watch Archive

And just like that, the pain was gone
June 13- 19

Guest: Brian Webster

When intermittent pain became a long-standing impediment to free movement, this week's guest knew he needed a breakthrough.  Listen in to find out how he found healing and the key elements that helped him get there.

What happens when you sign on to a global healing movement
June 6 - 12 

Guest: Abigail Mathieson Warrick

Joining a church seems like a personal decision with personal impact. But what if it's so much bigger than that? This week's guest discovered that committing to church supports a worldwide movement of spiritual healing - helping us, but also helping people we come into contact with, even those who may never set foot in our church.

Responding to the news
May 30 - June 5

Guest: Rachael Myrow

Have you ever considered that the way you consume the news has an impact on the world? It can be tempting to respond in an emotional way or not engage at all, because what you hear is too distressing. But we're each in a position to nudge ourselves and our community at large to a better place. Journalist Rachael Myrow spoke with Sentinel Watch host Tony Lobl about how she works to do that in her chosen career and as a news consumer herself.

Loving yourself as your neighbor 
May 23 - 29

Guest: Tony Lobl

Do you love yourself? Really, truly love yourself? Our Sentinel Watch guest talks about moving beyond liking yourself - flaws and all - to getting to know your real selfhood - flawless and spiritual - isn't just satisfying; it's healing. And it's fundamental to fulfilling the second great commandment, "Love your neighbor as yourself."

A fresh look at spiritual healing
May 16 - 22

Guest: Deborah Huebsch

When something changes in your life for the better - when you experience healing - you might naturally wonder how it happened. This week's Sentinel Watch guest takes us into the "how" of healing, and you might be surprised to learn that it doesn't always happen the way you might think.


Agreeing with God
May 9 - 15

Guest: Mark Swinney

Most people think of prayer as something we do. We ask or even beg God to do something for us. Maybe we tell God about the problem. All prayer is beneficial, because turning to God is the first step in healing, but this week's Sentinel Watch guest has learned that the most effective prayer starts when God talks and we listen.

Listening to—and hearing—God
May 2 - 8

Guest: Kate Dearborn

If you've tried listening to God but hear crickets instead, this week's Sentinel Watch guest has some heartening news for you. Everyone can hear specific and healing direction from God.

War—and peace—in Ukraine
April 25 - May 1

Guest: Amelia Newcomb

There's no doubt that the news out of Ukraine is devastating, but right in the middle of destruction, there are untold instances of unselfish humanity, resilience, safety, and supply. What can we learn from them, and how can focusing some of our attention there support growing good in the region? Amelia Newcomb, Managing Editor of The Christian Science Monitor, joins Sentinel Watch host David Brown to discuss.

Looking into the eyes of an armed soldier
April 25 - May 1

Clara Germani

Our Sentinel Watch guest this week was on a reporting trip in a war zone when things got scary. Listen in to hear how a simple insight from her study of Christian Science had a transformational effect on her view of "the enemy" - and what she experienced.

Magazines that transform lives
April 18 - 24

Guest: Ethel Baker

Most publications make implicit promises to improve readers' lives in one way or another. Sentinel Watch asked the Editor of the Christian Science magazines to talk about these unique periodicals. Join us to discover how they do live up to the promise of making a difference in the lives of their readers.


Peter's Easter story—and ours
April 11 - 17

Guest: Annette Dutenhoffer

It's natural to think of Jesus as the center of the Easter story. But what about the others - his disciples? What was Easter like for them? Today's Sentinel Watch guest explores one of the disciples' stories and shares how Peter's regret and reformation are a lesson for us at Easter - and every day.


"I'm not a victim"
April 4 - 10

Guest: Robin Hoagland

Description: When crime landed on the doorstep of this week's guest, she found herself at a crossroads. While it might seem only natural to identify herself as a victim, she actually found strength and spiritual restoration in rejecting that label. In this conversation, she takes us deeper into the "how" of her prayer and shows the way each of us can find freedom from being at the mercy of people and circumstances.



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