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Audio programs on healing

The Christian Science Sentinel Watch 

Guests speak about healing prayer

You will hear Christian Science healing practitioners, teachers and others giving practical examples of prayer used in their daily lives and prayer for the world.

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Recent healing podcasts 

Listen as Sentinel Watch guests share specifics on how they prayed and found healing and spiritual growth.


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Living the newness now! (encore)
August 2 - 8

Guest: Mark Swinney

It's so important to get fresh inspiration from God regularly. But how do you do that? In this Sentinel Watch, Mark shares what he's learned, and a specific practice that may help you, too.

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Help when money is really tight
July 31 - August 6

Guests: Laurie and Dave Scott

Financial trouble is often listed as one of the top reasons for divorce, but it doesn't have to be. Our Sentinel Watch guests actually found that individually turning to God for answers for their money problems strengthened their marriage in clever and beautiful ways.

Sentinel Watch Archive

The power of persistence
July 26 - August 1

Guest: Tim Mitchinson

In a culture of instant gratification, is anything worth *striving* for? This week's Sentinel Watch guest dives deep into why persistence isn't a lost art, and how when it comes to healing, sticking with it offers payoffs that go far beyond a physical cure.

Out of the darkness of addiction (encore)
July 19 - 25

Guest: Jeff Rice

Jeff lost everything to drugs and bipolar disorder. He even ended up in jail, but that was just the first step to a whole new life. Hear more on this edition of Sentinel Watch.

In business? Partner with God
July 12 - 18

Guest: Frank Von Holzhausen

If you've ever felt like a failure in business, or any area of life, you'll relate to our guest's experience. How do you move forward when every turn seems like a dead end? Join us to find out what Frank learned on this edition of Sentinel Watch.

Parenting with God
July 5 - 11

Guest: Debby Peck

Description: Parenting is often described as the hardest job you'll ever love. There's a way to make it easier, though. Our Sentinel Watch guest shares how she's been able to parent better by learning more about how she - and everyone else - is really parented by God.


Discovering the nature of reality
June 28 - July 4

Guest: Amy Lang

Reality means different things to different people. Our Sentinel Watch guest this week is an aerospace engineer and a Christian Scientist. Hear what she has learned about spiritual reality from her study of divine Science - and how it has changed her life in meaningful ways, including through quick and decisive physical healing. 


Is there a God you can trust?
June 21 - 27

Guest: Margaret Rogers

History is full of examples of people who put their trust in God. But can we really do the same? Our Sentinel Watch guest, Margaret Rogers, shares her own journey of learning how to trust God more fully—and the great rewards of doing so.


Discovering a God who heals
May 24 - 30

Guest: Caroline Brewer

Imagine hearing for the first time that spiritual healing is not a miraculous occurrence, but the natural outcome of recognizing how loved we are as God's creation. That’s what this week’s Sentinel Watch guest discovered and experienced!


If you’re feeling trapped...
May 17 - 23

Guests: Ingrid Peschke and Christopher Jones

If you've ever felt imprisoned in a job, a relationship, or even by your body, you know what it's like to want out. And there is a way, even for those actually in jail! Spiritual freedom is possible in every circumstance. Listen to this Sentinel Watch podcast to hear proof.


The Lord's Prayer is a living prayer
May 10 - 16

Guest: Alison Hughes

The Lord's Prayer is a powerful prayer that can bring healing to any situation. Our Sentinel Watch guest takes us line by line, sharing some of the inspiration she's gotten from this all-inclusive, timeless prayer—and the healings that were a direct result of those spiritual insights. 


Vaccines, immunity, and the pathway to health
May 3 - 9

Guests: Shelly Richardson, Kevin Ness, Michael Hamilton, and Curt Wahlberg

What does it mean to be spiritually immune? Does it apply to everyone? And what does this mean for COVID vaccines? We've got a great lineup of guests on Sentinel Watch to talk about what Christian Science offers to the process of navigating the health issues connected to the pandemic.




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Tony found Christian Science in his early twenties and became a Christian Science practitioner in 2004. He and his wife Jenny live in London.