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Favorite prayers





Evening prayers

Lyrics to comforting prayers and hymns, Feed my Sheep and Mother's Evening Prayer by Mary Baker Eddy with quotes from the Bible.

Military prayers

Prayers for our military troops and their families.

Prayer for health

Praying for health & healing of fear, contagion, virus, disease, and other physical problems.

Prayer for mental health

Are you feeling sad, alone, or grieving? Find out how you can feel loved, included and happy in your life!

Protection prayers

Psalm 91 is the ultimate prayer for protection and safety. Watch our video and read the text and notes for this special Bible verse.

Prayers for children

Prayers for children & inspirational quotes from the Bible & Mary Baker Eddy, founder of Christian Science. Children's books available online & in our bookstores.

Prayers for world peace

Prayers for world peace.

Praying in emergencies

Praying in emergencies - California fires, healing testimonies, Psalm 91.