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Healing perspectives from The Christian Science Monitor

Watch for new links weekly for a spiritual approach to meeting life's challenges.


The Christian Science Monitor includes a "Christian Science Perspective" article, and we select one of the articles to feature on our website each week.

Click on the links below to view some recent healing perspectives. 

Working through ‘the problem of evil’

Today’s article explores the idea that preventing violent attacks starts with redefining evil as a distortion of reality, and recognizing that everyone has God-derived rights of self-government, reason, and conscience.

Finding refreshing rest

When employment concerns kept this contributor from sleeping soundly, a more spiritual view of “rest” brought peace and restful sleep – and resolution to the work challenges soon followed.

The benefits of honesty

When a contributor was tempted to fudge some numbers on a financial document, a last-minute decision to do the right thing led to unexpected benefits and a lesson in the spiritual power of honesty.

Overcoming our intolerance of the intolerant

A contributor explores the idea of disarming the temptation to respond in kind to those who hate us by coming to value the nature of all as God’s creation, through new views of God’s goodness and love.

Move past labels – with love

No matter what labels we might be given, nothing can keep us from loving others when we understand we are all the children of God.

Praying about mental health

This contributor was healed of hereditary bipolar disorder as she learned more about the nature of God as the gentle, consistent divine Mind.


About the Healing Perspectives

Each weekday, the Monitor includes one clearly labeled religious article offering spiritual insight on contemporary issues, including the news. The publication – in its various forms – is produced for anyone who cares about the progress of the human endeavor around the world and seeks news reported with compassion, intelligence, and an essentially constructive lens. For many, that caring has religious roots. For many, it does not. The Monitor has always embraced both audiences. The Monitor is owned by a church – The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston – whose founder was concerned with both the state of the world and the quality of available news.


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