My ‘done’ list


Sometimes to-do lists can feel overwhelming. But God has given each of us the grace, patience, and creativity we need to accomplish what we need to.

On a recent family video call, our adult children were celebrating the arrival of a sibling’s firstborn. As most of these brothers and sisters were parents themselves already, they had some advice to share, including, “Don’t keep a ‘to-do’ list, keep a ‘done’ list!”

I loved this idea! Too often we focus on what we have not accomplished, as opposed to acknowledging what we have. And it’s not just new parents who can feel overwhelmed by a demanding to-do list – life comes at us fast these days, especially as we get back into routines that may have been on hold during pandemic lockdowns. Sometimes it can feel as though there’s no end to the work we need to get done in a day.



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