Overcoming our intolerance of the intolerant

Today’s contributor explores the idea of disarming the temptation to respond in kind to those who hate us by coming to value the nature of all as God’s creation, through new views of God’s goodness and love.


For the past decade and a half since I returned to England after a spell abroad, I’ve felt there was less prejudice than when I left, including in regard to the anti-Semitism I’d faced as a Jewish teenager.

These days, however, signs that progress is still needed are coming to the fore. Just this week, seven British Members of Parliament resigned from the main opposition party, citing anti-Semitism in party ranks as a major reason. Meanwhile, rallies have taken place around France in protest against the rise in anti-Semitic attacks there, while The New York Times reported that of 55 hate crimes in New York City so far this year, nearly two-thirds have targeted Jews.

Prejudice in all forms is a terrible trait, with no justification, and it needs to be overcome. But from experience, I’ve found how tempting it can be to nurse intolerance of the intolerant.  Read more on CSMonitor.com.


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