Why God is relevant


Sometimes learning about God may be low in a list of pressing priorities (or absent from it altogether). But to know God’s nature and presence is to find the inspiration, love, and healing that meet our everyday needs, as a man experienced when he fell ill and feared for his life.

While attending college, I spent time wondering what to do with the rest of my life. One afternoon while entertaining career possibilities, I thought about becoming a full-time Christian Science healer. No sooner did the option pop into my mind than I thought: “You can’t do that. You would have to think about God all the time!”

Thinking about God all the time felt ludicrous. There were so many other demands to think about. The list of other things to do seemed endless.

But as I considered the scope of God as infinite and omnipresent, as I had learned from my upbringing and my study of Christian Science, I remembered that God is not a sideshow. God is the main event. God is Life. Everything good is included within God’s infinitude. It was a jolting perspective to consider.

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