You can never be obsolete


A more spiritual view of employment brought practical solutions after technological advances forced today’s contributor to shift gears with her career.

Changes in the job market as a result of advances in technology may make us question our individual worth. If machines can do all the work better and faster, what are we good for? And if we’re facing the need to find new employment or a whole new line of work, we may wonder: Am I too old to learn a new skill? How can I find the money to pay for training? Will anyone want to hire me? 

Reassuring answers to questions such as these can seem out of reach as long as we’re looking at employment only from a material perspective. But I’ve found in Christian Science a radically different way to think about the various aspects of life, including employment – one that doesn’t include accepting the limits imposed by a merely material sense of life, but involves accepting the idea that each of us is God’s spiritual idea, always beloved and in our right place.



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