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Each week on Sentinel Watch, you'll find inspiring and strengthening spiritual ideas that can bring healing to your life, to your family and community, and to your thought about world issues. 



Christian Science healing

July 14-20, 2018
Guests: Christie Hanzlik, Eric Horner, Jyoti Raghu, Susan Collins

We all love to hear life-changing healings that result from spiritual insights and understanding. So sit back, kick off your shoes, and listen to our contributors share how their practice of Christian Science has led to complete freedom from conditions such as a chronic back problem, a growth, a painful eye, and a severe injury on the next edition of Sentinel Watch. 

A precious discovery

July 21-27, 2018
Guests: Herb Webb, Tom Davis

It is inspiring to hear stories of how our guests found Christian Science and its practical healing promise. One was on a search to find a religion that he could believe in, and the other was led to the practice of Christian Science through a healing of alcoholism. We hope you’ll find inspiration listening to the next edition of Sentinel Watch.

Is God real?

July 28-Aug 3, 2018
Guest: William Moody

On the next edition of Sentinel Watch our guest responds to your questions, sent in via our website,, on the topic “Is God real?”  He shares what he has learned about God over many decades of practicing Christian Science and how we can tangibly feel God’s presence and love in our daily lives and experience healing—now! That’s on the next edition of Sentinel Watch. 


Beyond any label - God’s beloved child

August 4–10, 2018
Guests: Catherine Scott, Margaret Powell, Virginia Gathings

We all have probably labeled others—especially people we don’t know well. And we too have been labeled ourselves. But are we doomed to being defined by these labels? On the next edition of Sentinel Watch, our contributors share how they have seen unwanted labels overturned through a prayerful understanding of the one thing we all share: that we are the loved children of God.


Creativity and its inexhaustible source

August 11–17, 2018
Guests: Karen Neff, Nancy Mooslin

In Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy writes, “Creation is ever appearing, and must ever continue to appear from the nature of its inexhaustible source.” On the next edition of Sentinel Watch, our contributors discuss how God is the source of the qualities we express. And they describe how this influences their artistic expression.


A home for everyone

August 18–24, 2018
Guests: Laurie Toupin, Dotty Davis, Diane Allison

We often hear the catch phrase: “Home is where the heart is.” On the next edition of Sentinel Watch, our contributors explain that to always feel at home, is to understand that our true, spiritual home is the consciousness of God’s love. So discover God’s loving presence and feel “at home,” listening to the next edition of Sentinel Watch.


What does it mean to be spiritual?

August 25–31, 2018
Guest: Ethel Baker

On the next edition of Sentinel Watch, our guest responds to your questions sent to on the topic “What does it mean to be spiritual?” She shares what she has learned about our spiritual nature as God’s perfect creation and how an understanding of this brings healing and purpose to our lives. That’s on the next ​edition​ ​of​ ​Sentinel Watch​.


About your Sentinel Watch host


Tony Lobl has been writing and broadcasting on Christian Science for three decades. Beside written and recorded pieces regularly appearing in Christian Science publications he has also had pieces published by national and global news outlets and has been interviewed by radio stations and podcast producers on three continents.

Tony found Christian Science in his early twenties and became a Christian Science practitioner in 2004. He and his wife Jenny live in London.




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