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Finding peace and purpose in isolation

Christian Science & the power of healing prayer

When the world basically turned upside down, a lockdown was put into place and I was not able to drive, I felt like a prisoner in my house.

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I live alone with a cat for a roommate. We get along great. But when the world basically turned upside down, a lockdown was put into place and I was not able to drive, I felt like a prisoner in my house - my only companion a cat.

It was okay for a while - I read books, watched television, sorted my closet and talked on the phone, and then when the world did not change I realized I had to or I would literally go out of my mind. I began to pray.

I realized I could not continue to identify myself as an isolated mortal confined or limited by external forces from being who or what I am. I began to identify myself as a child of God created in His image and likeness as stated in the first chapter of Genesis in the Bible. This is always a good place to begin. I asked God what did I need to know? I became quiet and listened.

The first thing I was led to do was to read the story of Elisha (ll Kings 6). It tells the story of the prophet, Elisha, who discerns that the King of Syria is planning an attack on Israel. He is able to warn Israel and they are saved from the attack. However, the King of Syria discovers that Elisha can prophesy his impending attacks, so in order to stop Elisha, he sends out a great number of horses, warriors and chariots to find him.

Elisha’s servant sees the chariots surrounding them and is very afraid. When he tells Elisha about this, the prophet prays that the servant’s eyes be opened so he can see the reality of the situation. God opens his eyes and he can see that they are surrounded by even more horsemen and not just chariots, but chariots of fire sent to defend them. God has sent them to protect both Elisha and his servant from all the threats surrounding them.

I saw what God was showing me. I could not, nor could any of us be trapped or prevented from moving forward with our lives. We cannot be thwarted from our God appointed purpose. We cannot be isolated or separated from God or good no matter what threats seem to surround us. Good cannot be stopped by pandemics, health issues, fear, loneliness, closed schools, heat waves, riots, protests, fires or anything that could threaten to control or influence our lives.

I decided that even if it seemed as if my body could not go somewhere due to restrictions it could not limit my mind or how I thought about things. I started thinking of myself as part of Gods expansive universe. I didn’t limit thought to my zip code. I looked outward in thought and then I waited for God to direct my next steps, knowing I could not be separated from joy or purpose or usefulness.

I read the Bible story of Naaman (II Kings 5). Naaman, the Bible states, was a good man and a brave soldier but suffered from leprosy. He was told by the prophet Elisha to wash in the Jordon River seven times and he would be healed. There are many interesting aspects to this story but what came to me this time was the number seven. Seven is a number used in the Bible to perhaps denote completeness as in the seven days of creation. It occurred to me to take each of the seven synonyms Mary Baker Eddy gives in her definition for God and “wash” in each of them.



The definition of God reads: “The great I AM; the all-knowing, all-seeing, all-acting, all-wise, all-loving, and eternal; Principle; Mind; Soul; Spirit; Life; Truth; Love; all substance; intelligence.” (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy, p. 587:5)

I prayed with each of the synonyms until I had a clear and useful concept of myself as a pure reflection of God. For example, I affirmed that as a reflection of Principle I was only subject to Gods laws of good. There was no other law. I could see very aggressive beliefs around me, but they were not law, only thoughts. I affirmed that as an expression of Mind which governs all ideas and their relationship to each other I could not be separated from companionship. I was not alone. As a reflection of Soul my identity was safe and inviolable from contagious disease. As a child of Spirit nothing material could find me or touch me. Life and its constant and active progress were so filled with light that I could see where I was and where to go in my continuing path of life. Truth and Love showed me their partnership. God so loves us that He makes the truth of any situation evident, so we do not need to be afraid. We are loved and this love fills all space in any and every dimension of thought. I was loved and loving as an expression of God who is Love. I bathed in each concept, and like Naaman I was washed clean of fear and turmoil - a form of baptism.

During this time, I went forward with a construction project to add a patio to the front of my house. I also replaced my driveway. The contractors doing all the various jobs were delightful. This project provided daily interaction with people for months. There were people around and activities going on.

Neighbors walked by each evening to see the progress. Many told me how fun it was to have something to do and see each day. The construction workers all thanked me for the work. Children came to see the little backhoe in my yard which looked almost like a toy. Seeing the backhoe inspired me to write a children’s story which became a series of stories that have been accepted for publication. I was also asked to participate in a podcast which was broadcasted internationally. I have listened to concerts, taken classes and zoomed with church and friends. It has been and continues to be a productive period in my life.

My concept of my community and world has drastically enlarged to include the whole world. Many events I have participated in have been in other countries, including church services and lectures I have been able to “attend”.

I am grateful to see that nothing, absolutely nothing, can interfere with the harmony of my being. Nothing can interfere with your rights either. As Mrs. Eddy writes, “Nothing can interfere with the harmony of being nor end the existence of man in Science.” (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 427:14–16).

Santa Barbara, CA


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