Accidents & Injuries (with images)

Accident protection & angels

One New Year’s Eve shortly before midnight. It came to me very strongly to stop what I was doing and  pray for my son and his family who were out with their friends. Read more


Accidents unknown to God

I realized that I was not subject to chance.  Random accidents do not need to occur or affect me, because God does not create them.  Read more



Back injury healed

I played on the varsity baseball team and during a practice I felt a pain in my back.  I was in excruciating pain and working with a Christian Science Practitioner I was completely healed.




Runner's ankle realigned & healed

I help people train for marathons, and injured my ankle. I prayed that I would have everything that I needed for a complete healing, and I witnessed my ankle realign while talking with a Christian Science Practitioner.