Love without limit, Life without fear

Fujiko Signs, Speaker

Discover how you can overcome fear and feel a deep sense of God's limitless love. 

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This talk about the healing power of prayer was sponsored by First Church of Christ, Scientist, Palm Springs, CA, and Signs is a practitioner and teacher of Christian Science healing. 

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Are you looking for healing?  Concerned about physical, emotional, financial or relationship problems?



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The day I saw beyond the tax issue - A Christian Science perspective from The Christian Science Monitor

Our provision truly comes from God’s infinite love, and is therefore spiritual, consistent, and impeccably just.

Some years ago in Britain, anger at a proposed tax law had been growing, culminating in the kind of riot that makes for dramatic news footage. It included images of rioters and horse-mounted police clashing outside my wife’s workplace.

Gratefully, my wife got home safely that day. But fear loomed large that this violence was just the beginning. That made for a sleepless night. Not as in I couldn’t sleep, but as in I wouldn’t sleep until I’d found my peace about what was going on. And to me, that meant uncovering a calm I believe is innate within us all, irrespective of our circumstances – a spiritual poise that the Bible poetically describes as “the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding” (Philippians 4:7, New King James Version). It was a peace I had seen, time and again, could lead to resolution and solutions. Read more on

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