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Christian Science is based on the Bible and teachings of Jesus Christ. Our mission is to love and bless all mankind. We all need something we can hold onto that uplifts and heals us even on the darkest of days. Christian Science is a Christian religion and a practical way to heal every-day problems. We would love to connect with you on your spiritual journey.
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This week's Christian Science Bible Lesson is Doctrine of Atonement

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Ventura, CA - Healing for Ventura & Ojai: Love without limit, Life without fear - Apr 21, Sat 1:00 PM - Fujiko Signs, Speaker PRINT...
Solvang-Buellton, CA - Spiritual Christianity that restores health - Apr 28, Sat 11:00 AM - Kari Mashos, Speaker Restoration...
Escondido, CA - Counteracting terrorism - the global reach of prayer - Apr 29, Sun 2:00 PM - Kari Mashos, Speaker A topic our...
Long Beach, CA (Lakewood) - Never alone: How spiritual ideas work in us​ - May 5, Sat 11:00 AM - Melanie Wahlberg, Speaker...

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Overcoming loneliness through prayer - A Christian Science Perspective from The Christian Science Monitor

A woman shares how the dark clouds of loneliness lifted as she opened her heart to God’s love

Being connected with others – a normal desire of the heart – is widely considered to be a fundamental human need. In my case, I found there was a deeper, spiritual need underlying this human need. Read more on

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The opportunity to forgive
April 14–20, 2018

Only patterns of good 
April 21-27 2018


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